This unassuming octavo is a 1652 copy of John Hoddesdon’s compiled Tho. Mori vita & exitus, or, The history of Sr. Thomas More, sometime Lord High Chancellor of England.  Hoddesdon was an unsuccessful writer and later turned to trade in 1658.  His life of Sir Thomas More was reissued in 1662 perhaps to pay off his debt (Hodson, ODNB). Apparently Hoddesdon’s book is not as thorough or complete as the reader thought it should have been (or maybe he really was just a terrible compiler).  The last leaf of the book features additional witty sayings by Sir Thomas More left out by Hoddesdon.  The reader did not make any other notes—only adding his or her thoughts at the end.

Jillian S.

PR2322 .H6


Zanerian Alphabets (via BibliOdyssey)

Originally, the school prepared students for careers as penmen. Penmen often worked in business, preparing ledgers, writing correspondence and creating documents before the invention of the typewriter. Zaner-Bloser also taught students to become teachers of penmanship, illustrators and engravers, as well as engrossers, who employ the type of ornamental writing used for diplomas and certificates. During the 20th century Zaner-Bloser concentrated on the education market providing manuals, teaching aids, and other materials for elementary schools. ( via )


Burberry Types

This is really a case of personal flavour but we found that this is a nice case for typography used in fashion. Burberry jazzed up their men’s spring 2015 line inspired by the collection “Books Covers and Bruce Chatwin”. Maybe this gonna be a break through in the mostly classical stylish past of Burberry. Enjoy it anyway!