Shaun Inman (@shauninman)

If you were to leave one piece of advice on this planet for young, aspiring designers, what would that be?

You will hate everything you make. Growth comes from understanding what you hate about it, from not making the same mistakes again & again.


Holiday Gift | IMM Creative Team | Video | UnderConsideration

This holiday season we wanted our gift to reflect the quality, care and meticulous attention to detail we show each of our clients every day. So we decided to go with something different. Unexpected. And completely handmade. We also knew we wanted to highlight Boulder, so we started by partnering with local purveyors Boxcar Coffee and 303 Whiskey. We then bottled, packaged, sealed, screen printed and assembled each gift—completely by hand. The finishing touch was numbering each gift and having our CEO sign each individual box.

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